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Information about Piraeus, shopping and sightseeing

PiraeusThe main port of Athens and one of the largest in Europe is the Port of Piraeus, the passenger port its self has an enormous passenger traffic throughout the year ,not to forget that Greece has more that 200 inhabitant islands that their main connection with the mainland is via the Piraeus port. Daily numerous ferries and other liners departing or arriving in Piraeus.

The port is extended to Keratsini, Ikonio and Perama for the cargo and container ships and further more to Skaramangas (Shipyard) Aspropyrgos (Tankers) and Elefsina (shipyards). In fact the cost line of the greater area of Piraeus port can be calculate in 30-40 kilometres about including the above docks, shipyards , anchorages and ports. Piraeus port unlike other ports is mainly the hart of Piraeus, around the port you will find all kind of shops, markets, restaurants, hotels but mainly shipping offices. Piraeus is the centre of the Greek shipping industry, most of the Greek shipping companies have here their offices, many Greek ship owners the last 20 years transfer their main offices from London to Piraeus.

Today the port has been developed in a modern port especially after the Olympics. New passenger check in buildings, new entrance gates, cafeterias, cantinas and restaurants have been improved. All cargo ships has been transferred to Keratsini and Ikonio so the main port area is only for the passenger ships and Greek ferries sailing for the Greek islands. Looking back in history Piraeus has been the main Athenian port since antiquity. From here the ancient Greek ships where sailing to the Athenian colonies in South Italy ,Sicily and in other Greek colonies in the Mediterranean.

From this port Themistocles send his ships to Salamis to defeat the Persian fleet. His statue can been seen at the small square in the junction of Akti Pseidonos with Vasileos Georgiou street and Akti Miaouli right opposite the Agia Trias church the Metropolis of Piraeus. A few meters near by at the small park you can see a piece of ship metal stub on a pine tree, a memoir from the bombarding of Piraeus during the war when a bomb hit a British ship that was carrying ammunition. The explosion was enormous and destroyed a lot of buildings along the port. Piraeus indeed is marvellous and has many places to see and to take photos of Piraeus .

The people of Piraeus are proud about their city and their football team Olympiakos. In fact the song never on Sunday sang by Melina Merkouri in the homonymous film talks about that football team (the name of the song in Greek is "ta Paidia tou Pirea" ,the guys from Piraeus)

Shopping in Piraeus

For shopping in Piraeus the main areas are in the main streets of Piraeus Vasileos Georgiou Avenue , Heroon Polytechneiou Avenue, Defteras Merarhias street , Akti miaouli and Poseidonos, Terpsithea and Passalimani. Around the Metro terminal and the parallel streets of Akti Poseidonos you will find any kind of shops. Many book shops are along Filonos street from the old post Office towards Vasileos Georgiou street.

Piraeus Sightseeing

marina zeas piraeus:Piraeus is not only the port its self, one of the most famous areas of Piraeus is Pasalimani or Zea the marina of Piraeus, around the marina and the main port of Pasalimani there are many fashion shops, cafeterias, and restaurants. In Marina Zeas located the Naval museum and part of the Ancient walls of Piraeus. Taking the direction from Pasalimani towards Faliro is the area of Kastela and Mikrolimano another marina with many fish taverns that serving excellent Greek food. To the other side of Pasalimani is the area of Piraiki, the best area to enjoy fresh fish in the numerous taverns with views to the Saronic gulf and the amazing sunsets. It is an unforgettable experience to enjoy an ouzo with grilled shrimps octopus from Piraiki while watching the sun setting over Salamina island and Aegina  while the ships passing by on their way to the Greek islands. Another place to visit is the hill of Profitis Ilias, the hill is over Passalimani and from there you can have an amazing panorama of the whole Athens.

Map of the port Piraeus Map of Piraeus



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