Which are the main Athens squares

omonia squareAthens the capital of Greece is adorned with many squares. The most important of those squares are Omonia square, Koumoundourou, Kaningos, Monastiraki, Syntagma Square, or Parliament square which took its name from the gathering that took place in 1844.

This gathering of the Athenian people succeeded in the passage of the Constitution by Otto. It is in front of the Parliament on the side of Amalia Avenue and in front of the monument of the Unknown Soldier, with a fountain and a garden, trees, statues of teenagers and patisseries.

Omonia Square

Omonia is the most central square of the city where the works for the Metro are done, with shops and escalators that lead to the lower square by the electric railway. In 1988, the sculpture “Runner” by the sculptor Varotsos was made of glass, which in 1994 was moved to a small square, opposite the Hilton Hotel.

Other squares are: Klafthmonos Square, Monastiraki Square with an old church, built in the 11th century, of the Virgin, Plastira Square in Pagrati, Rigillis on Vas. Sofias Avenue, Eleftherias or Koumoundourou, Ag. Georgiou Karytsi, Ag. Konstantinou, Amerikis or Agamon, Anexartisias (Vathis), Victoria, Kaningos, from where many buses start, the square of Filikis Etaireias or Kolonakiou etc.