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Athens and Piraeus offers a variety of different restaurants ,that gives the visitor to choose among the typical souvlaki shops, the fish taverns of Piraiki and Mikrolimano in Piraeus sea front, the grill restaurants (psistaries) offering all the kinds of meat grilled on charcoal, the Mezedopolia specializing in various traditional Greek meze specialities, the Ouzeries specializing in small delicatessen (mezedes) and grilled octopus accompanying the national Greek aperitif, Ouzo, numerous Pizzerias most of them offering home delivery ,many taverns and restaurants with live music and finaly all kinds of fast food and international restaurants. The atmosphere in typical Greek restaurants and taverns is casual, relaxed and informal. Food is prepared according to fundamental rules. Good amateur cooks enjoy great respect in their social circle, while a good housewife in Greece means a good cook. A good cook sometimes dedicates days to the preparation of a meal for his friends.

Athens restaurantMost of the restaurants for both tourists and Greeks you will find in the area of Plaka, in Psiri, in Monastiraki and Thission. Most of the restaurants in Plaka are along the Kydathineon street there you will find the Restaurant Plaka, Akropol and the restaurant Byzantino one of the oldest in the area. On the steps of Plaka you will find many restaurants some of them with live music (mostly for tourists and some open only during the summer season. Many restaurants you will find as well at Adrianou street around the square Filomouson and at the extension of Adrianou in Monastiraki that lately has become a Trent among many Athenians. The same occurs and the area of Psiri witch has overtake since the 90's the old glamour of Plaka. But if you want to eat where the Greeks eat  after a long night in Athens clubs and bars then you must now some places like the restaurants within the public meat market of Athens in Athinas street.

For the ones that prefer something fast and cheap, Athens is full of Souvlaki shops (the fast food of the Greeks) but also full of International famous chains of fast food like Mc Donald's, Wendy's and the famous among Greeks Goody's. There are thousands of restaurants in Athens and its suburbs. Almost in every square of Athens or Piraeus you will find a restaurant or another kind of eatery. Greeks love food and is natural in their capital to have thousand of shrines of all kinds of food, including international flavours served in various restaurants including Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Argentinean steak houses, Arabian, Sushi bars ect.

restaurant MargaroFor the fish eater Piraeus is the place where you can enjoy the delights of fresh fish food. The area of Hadjikyriakio ,Peiraiki, Passalimani , Kastela and Mikrolimano are the places where you will find most of the fish taverns and restaurants. In Peiraiki you will find the fish restaurant of Diasimos where you can taste the magic of grilled octopus accompanying an ouzo and many fish dishes while in Hadjykyriakio next to the school of the Greek Naval Cadets at the Taverna Margaro you will enjoy the best Retsina from Barrel wit fried red mullets or Shrimps from Lazaros and his 2 sons.

Various restaurants in Athens with Greek and international cuisine.

A Modo Mio [Italy]
(210 6915459)
Filippidi & Karpenisioti, GALATSI, Also lunch, ,
The menu offers a rich selection of Italian dishes that will appeal to all budgets. Wood and stone dominate the decor. Magical view of Athens

Abreuvoir (L') [France]
(210 7229106)
Xenokratous51, KOLONAKI, Also lunch,
The classiest French restaurant in town. Low lights inside and beautiful courtyard with mulberries

Aeolis [Cafe Restaurants]
(210 3312839)
Aeolou 23 & Aghias Irinis, ATHENS CENTER, Also lunch,

Aeriofos [Bar Restaurants]
(210 3457334)
Iakhou 29 & Orfeos, GAZI,
Mediterranean cuisine served in a stone-built, candle-lit place.

Aetoma [Mez. with music]
(210 3251501)
N. Apostoli 5, PSIRRI, Closed Mon-Tue, Also Sun lunch

Aglio, Oglio y Peperoncino [Î?taly]
(210 9211801)
Porinou 13, MAKRIGIANNI, Closed Sun, Also Mon-Fri lunch
Young and joyful Mediterranean backdrop, for simple Italian and Mediterranean cuisine dishes.

Alekos Metropolitan [Bar Restaurants]
(210 3319650)
Mitropoleos 74, SYNTAGMA, Closed Sun, Also lunch,
Italian cuisine (and unbeatable desserts) H by Fabricio Bouliani in this inornate designer restaurant.

Alexandra [Beer Restaurants]
(210 6450345)
Argentinis Democratias 14, Alexandras Ave, Panathenian Park, AMPELOKIPI, Also lunch,
Low prices, fine service and 50 types of bottled beer

Alexandra [Greek]
(210 6420874)
Alexandras & Zonara 21, EKSARHIA, Also lunch,
Delicious homemade cuisine in a frugal space

Alexandras [Classic]
(210 8832711)
Alexandras 10 (Park Hotel, ATHENS CENTER, Also lunch,
Hangout for businessmen offering Mediterranean cuisine, in classic surroundings with live piano music

Altamira [Multi Ethnic]
(210 3614695, 3639906)
Tskaloff 36A, KOLONAKI, , Closed Sun, Also lunch, ,
Authentic Indian, Chinese, Arabic and Mexican cuisine in colonial styled rooms in Kolonaki and Maroussi.

Ama lahei [Tav. and Mez.]
(210 3845978)
Kallidromiou 69, EKSARHIA

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