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The most important of the streets of Athens

Stadiou Street

It connects Omonia square with Syntagma square and is the main and most central road with always a large traffic of pedestrians and cars. On this street are: the Palace of the Army Share Fund, Kolokotroni Square with the statue of the “Old Man” in the middle, the Palace of the Old Parliament where the National Historical Museum is housed, in which valuable relics of modern history have been kept since 1961 us, – with the statues of Ch. Trikoupis and T. Diligiannis, the OTE building, Klafthmonos square and below Arsakeio, which occupies the square between Stadiou – Pesmatzoglou – Panepistimiou – Arsaki streets. There are many shops and offices along Stadiou Street.

Eleftheriou Venizelou Avenue.

It used to be called Panepistimiou avenue. It starts from the Old Palace (Parliament) and ends in Omonia square. On this street are: the hotel “Great Britain”, the Army Share Fund starting from Stadiou Street, the main branch of the Bank of Greece and Arsakeio. Opposite is the mansion of the Council of State, which is named “Iliou Melathro”, the catholic church of Ag. Dionysiou, the Ophthalmology Clinic, the buildings of the Academy, the National University and the National Library. There are also cinemas, department stores and hotels on this street.

Akadimias Street

It starts from Vasilissis Sofias Avenue and ends at Kaningos Square. It has the church of Zoodochou Pigi, the Opera House and the Spiritual Center of the Municipality of Athens, where the “i Elpis” hospital was. And this road has a lot of traffic.

28th of October Street or Patision.

It starts from Panepistimiou, near Omonia and reaches the district of Ano Patisia. It is the longest street in the city with a lot of trolley, bus and private cars. It has many shops, theaters, cinemas, the buildings of the Polytechnic, the Archaeological Museum with its garden, the OTE building, the University of Economics, America Square, Koliatsou Square, the church of Ag. Luke and the Student Dormitory.

3rd of September Street

It starts from Omonia square and ends at Agiou Meletiou street. It is one of the main streets of Athens with many shops. There is also the First Aid building.

Ag. Constantinou street

It starts from Omonia Square, heads west and ends at Diligianni Street and is directed to the railway stations of Larissa and Peloponnese and to Megalou Alexandrou Street which ends at Iera Odos. On this street is the large church of Ag. Constantine and the National Theater.

Athinas Street

It starts from Omonia square and ends at Manastiraki square. There is the town hall of Athens built in 1874, the meat market, the fish market, the vegetable market and many food shops.

Aiolou Street

It starts from Panepistimiou, near Omonia and reaches the foot of the Acropolis, the temple of Aeolus. It has shops with a lot of people and the churches of Chrysospiliotissa and Ag. Peace.

Ermou Street

It starts from Syntagma Square, with many shops and the old Byzantine church of Kapnikarea, and reaches Monastiraki Square, where there are blacksmiths and shops selling second-hand things, but continues to Piraeus Street.

Mitropoleos Street.

It also starts from Syntagma Square. In it is the Ministry of Education with a small church of Ag. Dynamis, the metropolitan church and several shops.

Vasilissis Sofias Avenue

It passes through the Parliament and reaches the district of Ampelokipi. It is one of the largest and most beautiful avenues in Athens with the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies of foreign countries, the “Benakeio” museum, the Parliament with small florists under the Old Palace Square, the Royal Garden, the Military Club, Byzantine Museum, the Museum of Martial Arts, the Rizareio School, the Gennadios Library, the Petraki Monastery, the Hilton hotel and the American Embassy.
On Vasilissis Sofias Avenue is also the Concert Hall, an imposing and modern building, where concerts of notable Greek and foreign composers are given. Characteristic for its perfection is the unsurpassed acoustics of the Megaron.

Sygrou Avenue

It starts from Hadrian’s gate and ends in the Faliro Delta, where the statue of Andreas Syggros is located.
It includes patisseries and shops with car shows, the factory of “Fix”, which is no longer operating, the building of the Olympic Air Force, the church of Ag. Sotiros, which was built because George I was saved from an assassination attempt, the Hippodrome and many entertainment centers.

Other roads that adorn and serve the city are: Filellinon, near Syntagma, Adrianou and Kydathinaion that lead to Plaka, Liossia that reaches Ag. Anargyros and Liosia, Acharnon that reaches Menidi, Iera Odos that starts from Piraeus and heads to Dafni, Skaramaga, Elefsina, Thebes or Megara and Corinth, Vouliagmenis Avenue, Mesogeion Avenue,

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