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Salamis island

Salamis Island

Salamis or Salamina is the island of the historical ancient sea battle where the Greek ships destroyed the Persian Armada of King Darius in C5th BC. It is also the hometown of the famous Greek hero Ajax and also Euripides. Salamina has many archaeological sites and monasteries worth visiting.

The quickest way to get to Salamina is by going to Perama, a suburb of Piraeus, and cross the one mile of sea by the small ferry boat service that is frequent (every 10  minutes). due to its vicinity with the capital of Greece most of its inhabitants work in Athens and Piraeus, as an example, someone that work in Piraeus needs only 20 minutes to go by car to Salamis.
Salamina has a surface of 95 square kilometres and a coastline of 104 kilometres. Its capital city is called Salamina and there are many coastal resorts with nice beaches for swimming. These include Selinia, Peristeria, Kaki, Vigla, Blue Limanaki and Mulki.
Salamina today is a holiday resort for many people from Piraeus and Athens, many of them have holiday houses in several resorts of the island. Salamina it might not be the Santorini of the Saronic gulf but has many attractions and some nice beaches. It is also a nice place for those who like fishing and diving.

Useful telephone numbers:

City Hall 210 4646000
Port Police 210 4651130
Ferry boats from Perama 210 4413178
Health Centre 210 4651711/4652120/4651888


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