salamisSalamis, known from the naval battle of the same name of 480 BC. between the Greek and Persian fleets, is the largest island in the Saronic Gulf and the closest to the coast of Attica.
The island is located in the northern part of the Saronic Gulf and is separated from the coasts of Attica by the Strait of Pachi (minimum distance 500 m.) To the west and the Strait of Perama to the east (width about 1 km). These two channels delimit and at the same time isolate the bay of Elefsina, north of Salamis.

Today Salamina is a place of great intensity of the secondary and tertiary sector, something like a floating craft of multiple objects. Spatially, the intensity is limited to the urban area, a few hundred meters inside the coastline, thus leaving the hinterland almost untouched.
Thus, in the quiet and almost archetypal Mediterranean forest, two steps from the buzzing ant of the settlements, one can find an unexpected field of hiking and cycling. The first network of hiking trails in Salamis, a project in which many actors are involved, is already in progress and is coming to be added to the endless improvised mountain bike routes.

Salamis is a destination that in order to have a good time you must know how to handle it. As a traveler, you need to take care of yourself, look for points of interest and go for them, without expecting the place to offer them generously.

Nevertheless, among the hundreds of destinations in Greece, Salamina has its own identity. She is the little sister of Athens, flesh of the flesh of Piraeus, the place where the mythical Ajax reigned Telamonius, written by Euripides, where Karaiskakis was buried, where Sikelianos retired. It is the island of warriors and poets, which carries a huge historical burden, culminating in the famous naval battle, exactly 2,500 years ago.

Salamina has a surface of 95 square kilometres and a coastline of 104 kilometres. Its capital city is called Salamina and there are many coastal resorts with nice beaches for swimming. These include Selinia, Peristeria, Kaki, Vigla, Blue Limanaki and Mulki.
Salamina today is a holiday resort for many people from Piraeus and Athens, many of them have holiday houses in several resorts of the island. Salamina it might not be the Santorini of the Saronic gulf but has many attractions and some nice beaches. It is also a nice place for those who like fishing and diving.

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