Map of Athens

Athens is  the capital of Greece,  is surrounded by the mountains: Aigaleo to the west, Parnes to the north, Pentelikon to the northeast, and Hymettus to the east. Most are of limestone or marble, from which the ancient buildings of the city were constructed.

The plain on which the city of Athens lies,  contains isolated limestone hills, including Lycabettus hill, which rises 339 m (1,112 ft) above the sea, and the flat-topped Acropolis, 156 m (512 ft) high, around which the city grew. Athens during the last 25 years has been extend to almost all directions.  The city its self is on the Ilissus River, which is dry for much of the year and carries abundant water only after winter storms. Here you can find a detailed  Map of Greece

Athens has a typical Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild winters. Rainfall is slight. In general is dry with low humidity. Over the past decades, Athens suffers from air pollution and smog caused by the lack of green and the excessive traffic of all kinds of vehicles.

Especially in recent years fires in the surrounding mountains of Parnitha and other forest areas resulted a worsening of the air pollution due to the luck of oxygen pockets (trees and forest). The problems deteriorate during the winter with many floods in several areas caused by the luck of trees on the mountains and the uncontrolled construction that closed many drains that served various streams.

Athens map
Street map of Athens