Best beaches of Athens

asteras beach athensThere are too many organized beaches in Athens and Attica in general, with fun in bulk on the sea on the southern coastline from Alimos to Varkiza, as well as in Lagonisi and to the west of Athens on the coast line of Saronic bay and the Corinthian bay costline .A playground for the Greek family on the sandy beaches from Saronida to Lavrio, but also on the extensive coastline of Evoikos. Beach fun with elevated decibels on the beaches of Schinias and Marathon as well as in Pigadakia, Halkoutsi. Idyllic drives with a background of deep blue waters and the pines reaching the wave on the pebble beaches of the Corinthian: large and full of changes in scenery and facilities, the coastline of Attica has corners for everyone.

Well-groomed and lined with sunbeds and umbrellas, the sandy beach of Grand Resort Lagonissi has special attractions: a large swimming pool in the sea and a bar that floats on the water on a wooden platform. There is no shortage of restaurants, a waterfront shop and water sports. Located at Athens-Souniou Avenue, Lagonisi. As far as the vicinity of Lavrio, many more free and popular sandy beaches are unfolding for the occasional racketeering: in the family holiday settlements in Galazia Akti and Mavro Lithari, in Harakas and Legrena, in the spacious sandy beach of Pasari and Lafi in Pasai and Kaniza-Liza. Water sports enthusiasts make regular appointments on the spacious sandy beach of Anavyssos.


PORTO-RAFTI-BEACH-ATHENSOn the beaches of Evoikos gulf, the holiday settlements determine the family profile on the beaches of Keratea (Kakia Thalassa, Daskalio), Porto Rafti, Vravrona and Loutsa. But there are also beach bars and options for sports (for windsurfing in Loutsa, for diving in Zoumberi and Marathon). The joy of the trendy youth, however, is the full beach bars sandy beach of Marathon-Schinias, where you will be able to indulge in whatever sport the beach offers, in the area defined by the beach bars Karavi and Moraitis, unless you are looking for more relaxed situations to the coastal pine forest of Schinias-Marathon National Park. Particularly popular is the extensive coastline of the Markopoulo-Oropos area, with the mats lined up under the tamarisk trees in Angona, Rera and Agios Apostolos and the youth taking shade on a sunbed on the wide pebble beach of Markopoulo-Nea Palatia Karvounoskala ”) and until the sun sets in the beach bars on the sandy beach in Pigadakia, Halkoutsi.

On the Corinthian side, the costal route from Porto Germeno to Schinos Loutraki is intriguing for safari. With taverns by the sea and pine-covered slopes as a backdrop, the coastal port of Porto Germeno is a constant hit for families. The most popular beach of the area is definitely Psatha, with the huge wide pebble beach and the cool blue waters, a setting that completes with beach bars and taverns. The beach in Alepochori is narrower, and often rocky, but with beach bars, while the music is not missing from the sandy port in Schinos. Descending from Alepochori to Schinos, before and after the port of Mavrolimni, the pines and the deserted pebble beaches intrigue the lovers of the free shores and the free camping.


Alimos beach

One of the closest and easily accessible, with pebbles and sand, shade of tamarisk trees on the left side and a range of services provided (beach bars, restaurant, beach volley, beach shop, sunbeds, umbrellas, locker rooms, toilets, lifeguards). (Poseidonos Ave., opposite 62, Alimos, 2109855169)

Agios Cosmas

In the two small sandy coves with shallow waters, the basic facilities of an organized beach (umbrellas, showers, lifeguard, room cleaning, locker rooms, volleyball, disabled access) are offered, without a ticket. (2nd tram stop Agios Kosmas, information: Kokomo Beach Bar, 6977011873)

Asteras Glyfada

Fixed meeting point for branded, young and trendy types, with all day fashionable hangouts. The largest and widest part of the beach is spread in the “territory” of the design “Balux The House Project”, with sunbeds, umbrellas, toy constructions in the sea and on the shore, as well as beach volleyball courts. In the area of ​​”Balux cafe”, the “game” is played mainly in the pool and under the reeds of the beach bar. (58 Poseidonos Ave., Glyfada, 2108941620)


The sandy AI Beach Voulas is a popular hangout for beach fun. Families sit on the left side of the beach with an aqua park with inflatable toys in the sea. It has dining and leisure areas (beach volleyball and paddle tennis court) and the classic beach facilities (lifeguard, locker rooms, shower, parking). (Alkyonidon 4, Voula, 2108958800,


One of the most popular organized beaches for families and groups thanks to the long sandy beach, shallow waters, infrastructure for water sports and games, but also for rest (there are day bells with air conditioning and shower), food and beach fun. Location Varkiza

Astir Beach

The most cosmopolitan beach of Attica, with a spacious fine sandy beach with comfortable day beds, transparent shallow waters and an ancient temple (of Apollo Zostiras) in the heart of the beach! Full facilities include: beach service, restaurant, beauty and massage services, shops with beach items and accessories, special lounge for members, gym, yoga sessions, beach volley and a full range of water sports.

Vouliagmeni beach

Spacious sandy beach with pines, cool waters and lawn area. In terms of beach fun, there is a playground for the kids and tennis and volleyball courts. Also: ramp for disabled access to the sea and special toilets, parking, doctor’s office, lifeguards, locker rooms, showers. (Poseidonos Ave., Vouliagmeni Beach Station, 2108960769)

Lake Vouliagmeni

For swimming in deep, thermal waters, against the backdrop of the steep cliffs that embrace it. The fish-doctors of the lake (poecilias and garra rufas) help in healing wounds and give you exfoliation sessions. On its “shores” there is a cafeteria, deck chairs, umbrellas and showers

Lagonisi beach

Lagonisi beach combines the clear blue waters with the idyllic landscape, a combination that promotes relaxation and well-being. In addition, this beach provides: water sports, sunbeds with umbrellas, changing rooms, lifeguard in case of emergency, medical care and wifi connection.

Kavouri beach

Kavouri beach located between Voula and Vouliagmeni at the hight of the junction to Vari on Poseidonos avenue It is a sandy beach with a cantine at the south end. There are some trees for shadow but is not organised. Avoid to take any refreshment from the beach bar that belongs to a well known hotel of the area, you will pay an arm and a leg for a coffee, rather bring your own refreshment. There is always the possibility to find a parking space on the site.