Information about the Athens Museum of Contemporary Art

museum-of-contemboray-art-AthensThe National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens (EMST) is the principal museum in Greece dedicated to contemporary art.

The museum was established in 2000 and moved to its permanent location in 2015. The building is a former beer brewery, the old Fix Brewery, which was a landmark of modern industrial architecture dating back to the mid-19th century.

The building underwent renovations and now stands as a perfect location for a contemporary art museum, offering a balance of Greek industrial history with the modern and contemporary art scene.


Contemporary Art museum collection reflects a wide range of innovative art mediums and contemporary art trends. It includes works from Greek and international artists from the second half of the 20th century to the present. The collections encompass various forms of visual art, including painting, sculpture, video art, installations, photography, and performance art.


The museum’s program includes temporary exhibitions, alongside the display of its permanent collection. These exhibitions often include work from both Greek and international artists, and are often structured around specific themes or offer retrospectives of influential artists’ careers.

Public Programs

The museum offers an array of public programs, including workshops, lectures, and educational programs for children, families, and adults. They aim to make contemporary art accessible to all and encourage engagement with the works on display.

Location: The museum is located on Kallirois Ave, Athens, offering easy access from the city center.