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For thousands of years now the Greeks have been known for their hospitality. Evidence for this can be seen in the language; the word for 'foreigner' is 'Xenos' and 'hospitality' is 'filoxenia' which translates into English as 'friend to the foreigner'. Being a seafaring nation the Greek people do not suffer from 'xenophobia' which, ironically although a Greek word, doesn't apply to them! they are always friendly and will go out of their way to help you - so don't hesitate to ask for their assistance if you need to. The majority of Greeks speak English or another European language such as Italian, French or German and, indeed, many speak several of these! Being of a Mediterranean temperament, the Greeks like to talk loud, using extravagant body language. Many times in cafes or restaurants the non-Greek may misunderstand this and think they are fighting. No way! It's just Greeks having a friendly discussion.


GEORGE PAPANICOLAOU :the inventor of the pap smear for cancer detection in women, a diagnostic test that has saved millions of lives MELINA MERKOURI :LATE GREEK MINISTER OF CULTURE AND UNFORGETTABLE ACTRESS IN "NEVER ON SUNDAY" AND "STELLA" MARIA CALLAS: THE GREATEST OPERA DIVA IRENE PAPAS: ACTRESS -Zorba the Greek ,The Guns of Navarone , Captain Corelli's Mandolin NANA MOUSKOURI :the famous Greek Singer KATINA PAXINOU : One of the greatest greek actress Oscar winner for: For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943) KOSTIS PALAMAS :Poet the author of the Olympic anthem , ODYSSEAS ELYTIS :Poet Nobel price winner; GEORGE SEFERIS :Nobel Prize for Literature in 1963 YANNIS RITSOS :The poet of Romiosini NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS :one of the greatest Greek writers, poets and philosophers of the 20th century from Crete, Zorba the Greek ,the last temptation of Christ (Martin Scorsese's 1988 film The Last Temptation of Christ was based on Nikos Kazantzakis book) report to Greco, freedom or death, MIKIS THEODORAKIS :composer of Zorba the Greek together with Manos Hadjidakis and Vangelis the greatest composers of modern Greece MANOS HADJIDAKIS :Composer; Oscar winner "never on Sunday" together with Mikis Theodorakis and Vangelis the greatest Greek music composers of modern Greece ARISTOTELES ONASSIS THE GREEK TYCOON FOUNDER OF OLYMPIC AIRWAYS Stelios Hadjioannou; Founder of easy Jet airlines JOHN CASSAVETES : Actor and Director,Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor;in the Dirty Dozen GEORGE TSAKIRIS :Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor;in West Side Story PETE SAMPRAS :tennis player JENNIFER ANISTON:acterss (FRIENDS) OLYMPIA DUKAKIS :Oskar winner actress sister of Michael Dukakis MICHAEL DUKAKIS (Democratic nominee for USA president, 1988) SPYRO AGNEW : ex Vice President of the USA HERBERT VON KARAJAN:One of the Greatest Maestros TELLY SAVALAS :the famous Kojak DEMIS ROUSSOS :Singer VANGELIS: Composer and Oskar winner GEORGE MICHAEL :The famous singer VICKY LEANDROS :Singer winner of the European song-contest 1972 GEORGES MOUSTAKI , ELIA KASAN :Director Oscar winner for "America America" among his films ,EAST OF EDEN with James Dean and the Grapes of wrath COSTAS GAVRAS:Director Oscar winner for "Z" MICHAEL KAKOGIANNIS :Oscar winner ZORBA THE GREEK MELINA KANAKAREDES :Actress NIA VARDALOS :Acterss and writer of My big fat Greek wedding FRANK ZAPPA: the golden 70's Singer CAT STEVENS :the golden 70's Singer Compaq's ' Boss Michael Capellas :GREEK POLITICIANS ELEFTHERIOS VENIZELOS KONSTANTINOS KARAMANLIS ANDREAS PAPANDREOU ARCHBISHOP MAKARIOS OF CYPRUS :GREEK ARTISTS THROUGH THE AGES EL GRECO (DOMINIKOS THEOTOKOPOULOS) the Famous Painter





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