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Poros island

Poros is a small Greek island in the Saronic Gulf northeast of the Peloponnese, just 300 metres from the coast of Galatas. At the same time Poros is a municipality of the Attica prefecture district of Piraeus. The capital of Poros is build on a small volcanic peninsula in the south. On the island are the foundations of a temple of Poseidon. Characteristic of the southern of the island is a dense vegetation with pine. The island has a surface of 31 square km and has about 4,000 inhabitants. In the north and north-east there olives and citrus fruits are grown, in Poros there are installations of fish breeding, on the high level Fousas thrives there is wine production. In addition, the tourism infrastructure of the island is well developed.

Poros has a volcanic origin like Aegina and Methana. Geological there is a volcano of Poros in the ditch of Epidaurus, a heavily loaded tectonic zone, which extends from south to north on the east coast of the Peloponnese. The strait between Galatas and Poros is one of them and has reduced since antiquity. Pausanias says that he has waded through the swamp, between the two places, now this is up to 4 meters deep in the sea.
On Poros there are many old houses, including the main town in its picturesque appearance. The island is a tourist destination of Athens and easy to reach with regular passenger ferries and hydrofoils from Piraeus.

Among in it attractions of the island is the small archaeological museum in the town of Poros with finds from the ancient Troezen, from the Mycenaean acropolis Maghoula at Galatas and Mycenaean finds from the sanctuary of Methana . The ancient name of Poros was Pogon. Recently, experts said that on the hill Maghoula in Galatas located probably the grave of the mythical hero Theseus. Unlike other busy islands like Santorini or Mykonos Poros is ideal for relaxing holidays.

Poros accommodation
New Aegli Hotel Poros
poros hotel AegliA nice hotel to stay on Poros is the New Aegli Hotel, located about 1 mile from the town of Poros. Situated in a peaceful environment with nice views to the blue sea and is surrounded by pine trees .The guest will enjoy the landscape of Poros island from the balconies of the hotel. In New Aegli hotel you will find a restaurant, Piano bar, and internet cafe. The hotel has a private beach and among other activities Nea Aegli organises every weekend Greek musical nights with traditional songs and dances. In the area you can enjoy many outdoor activities like waterspouts, fishing, diving and snorkelling.

Kalimera Hotel Poros

kalimera hotel porosThe hotel Kalimera located very near to the town of Poros and closed to the beach. This is a new build complex of apartments and studios in a traditional island style where the guest will enjoy the typical Greek hospitality of the beautiful island of Poros. The area witch Kalimera located is the Perlia, 1 mile from Poros and 200 meters from the beach of Kanali.

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