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Depending the season, week day and time or morning, noon, afternoon, late night or early morning prices are different if you intend to fly to Athens no matter from witch destination. If you want to fly to Athens at a normal day and normal time from big airports the "cheap flight" or "budget flight" is a fairy tail. All airlines have their rules and will offer cheaper tickets if the flight is during an inconvenient time.

Of course from Europe there are some Airlines that have established many flights to Athens with very competitive prices among them is the Easy Jet that gives the opportunity of very cheap flights to Greece if you pre book early your air travel, Aegean airlines and of course the national airline of Greece Olympic airlines. There are also many other companies that offer low cost flights to Athens like Air Berlin and Germanwings both German based airlines but mostly from German airports.

Searching for budget flights has become a fashion but more and more people just go straight to the official airline websites or simply to the high street travel agent to short out a ticket to Athens

Booking a flight to Athens during the summer high season are more expensive ,the easy and cheap way is to book your flights in advance a few months before especially those who fly to the Greek islands. Prices during the low season are not expensive and it is the best time to book your tickets. Domestic flights to some of the Greek islands requires one or two months in advance if you want a return ticket. That is necessary during August and September when most of the Greeks return to Athens from there holiday.

Cheap flights from the UK to Athens *

The 4 major airlines that fly to Athens from various airports of London with the lowest cost are Easy Jet with daily flights from Luton and Gatwick. Easy Jet offers lowest fares from 74.99 (August) 34.99 in September, 32 pounds in October and 29.99 in November, December and January, of course prices depended on  day and time of departure. Aegean, British Airways and Olympic airlines have daily flights from Heathrow with a small or big difference in pricing (ex: return flight in August London Heathrow to and from Athens non stop Aegean Airlines 274 , Olympic Airlines304 and British Airways 555. KLM and SWISS offer low cost flights in the range of 240-290 as well with a stop  (Amsterdam KLM and Zurich SWISS).

Cheap flights from Germany to Athens *

The major airlines that fly from Germany to Athens with relatively low cost prices are Aegean Airlines, Olympic, Lufthansa and Air Berlin ( ex one way flight from Munich to ATH with Aegean at 124 or 140 Euro about , with Air Berlin 157 or 180 euro circa). From Frankfurt the flights to Athens are far more cheaper (Olympic Airlines at ca. 100  euro Aegean at ca. 120 euro and Lufthansa at  ca. 140 euro). From Berlin Olympic Airlines has the low  cost flights following by Aegean and Lufthansa.

Flights from France to Athens *

From Paris Easy jet has the lowest cost flights (121 one way ) followed by Aegean (172 ) and Olympic Airlines (175 ) *

Flights from Italy to Athens *

From Milan  and Rome to Athens

Olympic and Air One with Aegean offer the lowest fares from Milan with Olympic at 141 Air One 143 and Aegean 167 .\While from Rome Air One offers one way flight for 166 followed by  Aegean with 167 and Olympic with 225 .

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 Flights from the US to Athens *

Olympic Airlines offers the lowest fares from New York to Athens with 381 ( 760 $)

* All above prices are for a certain date in August.

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