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 Attica is the peninsula where Athens located. If you have some days to stay longer in Athens is really worthy of making some day trips around Attica. the good road infrastructure and the new roads that have been build the last r5 years make the access of all those coastal resorts and places of interest of Attica an exiting excursion that take you out of the busy city of Athens.

Of course one of the main attractions of Attica is a visit to Sounion. there is the temple of Poseidon in Sounion, connected with the myth of Theseus and his father Aegeas. According the myth when Theseus returned to Athens after he killed the Minotaur and liberate the 12 young boys and girls of Athens he forgot to put up the white sails a signal that the mission was accomplished instead they have put the black sails .

When Aegeas show the ship approaching with black sails thought that Theseus was killed and desperate for sadness killed him self from the cliff of Sounion, since then according the Myth the sea took the name Aegean. On one of the pillar of the temple lord Byron has wrote his name on the marble.

Another area you should visit is Marathon the place that the battle of marathon was held between the Athenians and the Persians. there you can see the tomb of Marathon. Near by is the dam of Marathon one of the main water supplies of Athens.

An other excursion is to the Dafni monastery , a unique Byzantine monastery behind the mount Egaleo at the area of Dafni. Further more from Dafni you can visit the ancient area of Elefsis, and the sea resorts of Agioi Theodoroi and Kinetta. to the west you can visit the sea resorts of Rafina, Nea Makri, loutsa, and Lavrion. Following the coastal road of the golden coast on the way to Sounion you can visit the sea resorts of Varkkiza , Lagonisi and Saronida. The cosmopolitan resort of Loutraki is only 60 km from Athens and just before you turn to the road for Loutraki you can have a view of the Corinth isthmus.

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