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The Olympic ideals closely resemble those of the United Nations in seeking peace and understanding among nations and people. I call upon all nations to observe the Olympic Truce. I am convinced that in this observance, and by working with the International Olympic Committee to promote the Olympic Ideal, we will draw the attention of the world to what humanity can achieve in the name of international understanding( Kofi Annan) General Secretary of the United Nations. May the Olympic Truce, inspired by the ancient Greek tradition of Ekecheiria serve to promote dialogue, reconciliation and the search for durable solutions to all conflicts destroying peace around the world (Juan Antonio Samaranch )former President of the International Olympic Committee2004 Athens hosts the Olympic Games 2004 This year the Games return to their ancient roots in Athens. The original Olympic games, recorded in 776BC, were dedicated to the Olympian Gods but were abolished in 393AD by the Emperor Theodisius for becoming a pagan cult. The modern Olympic games were revived in Athens in April 1896, and have been held every four years in different cities since then, except during the first and second world wars. The Olympic Games in 2004 will take place between the 13th and 31st of August, with the Paralympics between the 17th and 28th of September. The Athens Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (ATHOC), have been keen to promote the ideals from the traditional games of honor and dedication, emphasizing the connection between the Games and life with the old adage it is not the winning, it is the taking part.The Olympic torch is a focal point for bringing far away nations together, and having something in common to admire. The 2004 torch is shaped like an olive-leaf and will be used in a relay in the run-up to 2004, where all the countries that the torch passes through are invited to take part in the Games. ATHOC Athens Olympic Committee has pledged to help the surrounding environment, with the planting of 290,000 trees, especially clementines, 11 million shrubs like oleander and a million large bushes. It will also splash a good portion of the $40.23 billion from the EU on updating the public transport.The new international Athens airport ELEFTHERIOS VENIZELOS in Spata, and there is an extension of bus lanes from 16km to 100km, and expanded the updated Athens metro.


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